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Flexible Ducting (Without Insulated & With Insulated)
GP Spira flexible ducts. made of multi-layered Aluminium Polyester, Metalised Polyester etc Foil bonded together by quality adhesive and reinforced with high carbon corrosion-proof spring wire. GP Spira Flexible duct is non-flammable, more efficient and more popular when compared with other flexible ducting system especially low cost single ply flexible air ducts.
  • Able to withstand high air pressure
  • Strong and Durable with double facing alumiminium foil
  • No problem of air leakage
  • GP Spira offers smooth Inner core which provides low friction loss
  • Low operating cost
  • Compressible and extendable by more than 10 times its original size. No problems of shrinking when fully
  • Non -flammable.
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