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Air Handling Unit Manufacturers

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An air handler, or air handling unit (often abbreviated to AHU), may be a device wont to condition and circulate air as a part of a billboard or industrial HVAC system. Air handlers usually hook up with duct work that distributes the conditioned air through the building, and returns it to the AHU. Sometimes AHUs discharge (supply) and admit (return) air on to and from the space served, without ductwork.

The number and kinds of AHUs used vary supported the dimensions of the building and the way the building is employed . for instance , during a hospital or lab environment multiple AHUs could also be needed to isolate rooms and stop cross contamination. Air handlers also dehumidify or humidify air; regulate the combination of out of doors and recirculated air; and help control pressurization inside a building.

Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida

One of the most benefits of putting in an Air Handling Unit may be a far more comfortable working environment for the staff and visitors. While air con units will either heat or cool the workspace counting on the surface temperature, an AHU will clean the air entering the building and even adjust the humidity. We are a leading Air Handling Unit Manufacturers, Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida, Air Handling Unit Suppliers.

An AHU will take air from the surface and condition it by cleaning it, cooling or heating it and perhaps even humidify it counting on the requirements of the user. This air is then forced round the building by a series of ductwork and vents, with most systems including additional ductwork and vents to extract the stale air back to the AHU, where it's expelled by a lover back to the atmosphere.

The advantages of Air Handling Units

One of the most advantages of putting in an Air Handling Unit may be a far more comfortable working environment for your staff and visitors. Whilst air con units will either heat or cool the workspace counting on the surface temperature, an AHU will clean the air that's entering your building and even adjust the humidity.

With numerous new buildings becoming increasingly better insulated to scale back heat escaping, and thus reduce energy costs, the air within the building is more likely to become stale and linger for extended . This stale air then becomes more of a danger to not only your staff and visitors but also to the material of the building itself.

Mould may be a dangerous contaminant because it has the potential to cause allergies in staff and visitors, and damage to the material of the building on the within and out, which could require professional removal or repair.

  • Variable dimensioning features for flexible cabinet sizing
  • External painted and internal Galvanized cabinet
  • Multiple section depth
  • Variable coil casing and drain pan material
  • Mixing boxes
  • Low leakage damper
  • Supply, Return, Fresh Air dampers
  • Different filter grade
  • Variable fan selection include forward-curved, backward curved and airfoil
  • Frequency inverter (VFD) and thermistor
  • Electrical heater and Hot Water/Steam Coil
  • Sound Attenuator/ silencer
  • Accessible and maintenance
  • Flexibility section for shipment
Airmake Air Handling Unit is designed in accordance BS EN 1886. It is constructed of high strength extruded aluminum profile and internal post with double modular skin insulation material. The patented frame channel design allows three identical pieces to be bolted together to form a composite corner piece. Both of this features form the rigid frame of the AHU. The unit wall is made up by Double Skin Polyurethane foam (PU) insulation panel with high strength pre-painted steel as external skin and 0.6 mm galvanized steel (GI) as internal skin. Besides, there is special thickness: 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm of skin material upon customer request. The PU foam insulation thickness can be 25mm or 50mm with density 40 kg/m3, which provides an overall thermal conductivity, k = 0.017 W/ M?K.

This cabinet construction reduces significantly the sound level from the fan of an AHU. The cabinet construction is maintenance friendly through easy access to all components. The panels may be removed from all units sections without compromising the unit rigidity which is ensured by the aluminum profile partition.

Access door or service panel can be supplied with a hinged access door with latch or with removable panel with handles and panel block. Gasket around the full perimeter of the access doors frame shall be used to prevent air leakage. Door shall swing outward for unit sections under negative pressure. Module to module assembly shall be accomplished with an overlapping splice joint that is sealed with gasket on both mating modules to minimize on-site labor along with meeting indoor air quality standards. The unit is mounted on galvanized steel base frame for easy handling and positioning.

Air Handling Unit Manufacturers
Floor mounted Casing Cabinet Appearance
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers
Ceiling Suspended Casing Cabinet Appearance

This is high quality aluminum section profile which can enhance performance of an AHU. It is constructed of two parts of extruded aluminum joint together with corner and jointer which made out of nylon. Aluminum section profile is made of different size according to customer's requirement which sizes are available in 25 mm, 50mm etc as per standard .
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers
Aluminum Section Profile Cross Section

Coil is installed such that unit casing enclose headers and return bends. Coil is designed based on the maximum utilization of available cross section area to achieve the most efficient heat transfer. Coil connections should be factory sealed with grommets on interior and exterior and gasket sleeve between outer wall and liner where each pipe extends through the unit casing to minimize air leakage and condensation inside panel assembly. Coils shall be removable through side and/ or top panels of unit without the need to remove and disassemble the entire section from the unit.

Coil constructed with aluminum corrugated fins and seamless copper tubes. The fins are designed purposely for better heat transfer efficiency and moisture carry-over limit performance. Capacity, water pressure drop and selection procedure is designed in accordance with ARI Standard 410.

Air Handling Unit Manufacturers
Direct Expansion System Coil
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers
Chilled Water Coil

The deep and sloped drain pan is designed to discharge the condensate water quickly. It is fabricated by stainless steel 304 sheet. Beneath the drain pan, it is covered with insulation to prevent any occurrence of condensation. For stacked coil, intermediate drain pan fabricated from same material as main drain pan will be installed at under of two coils.
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers
Drain Pan

It consists of GI fabricated volume control damper for supply and return air as well as fresh air according to specially customer's requirement.
Air Damper

Fans are used extensively in air-conditioning for circulating air over coils. The fan type includes forward curved, backward curved, twin fans and airfoil fans with double width double inlet (DWDI) centrifugal fan. The first low cost option will be forward curved fans which are generally used for low static pressure applications. The blade of fan is constructed of galvanized steel.

Meanwhile, for backward curve fans, it requires higher speed and therefore has to be more sturdy in construction. The blade of backward curved is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel. It can handle high static pressure system and able to show higher efficiency over a broader range of higher system resistance.

For aerofoil fans, normally it will be the last option due to the costly components. It is constructed of mild steel. However, it shows higher efficiency, generate low noise level and can handle higher static pressures.

Fan performance of all these fans have been tested and measured in accordance to AMCA Standard 210. The sound level is measure and rated in accordance with AMCA Standard 300. Fan is dynamically and statically balanced to Standard ISO 1940.

There are two discharges direction: vertical and horizontal discharge. The fan discharge should be square (for both forward or backward curved fans) in area and flanged and isolated from the casing by the fire retardant grade flexible connection. Only one fan discharge provides.

Fan selection for AHU will be selection through Software for air flow and static pressure for the system.
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers

Motor is internally mounted integral to an isolated fan assembly. Standard motor shall be horizontal foot mounting, induction motor, squirrel, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFV or TEFC) with IP 55 protection with class F. Motor capacity cannot be undersized but oversized for desired running capacity. For the desired operation speed between fan and motor, there are a few types of motor poles: 4 and 6 poles.

There are a few components which are able to provide for safety, efficiency and flexibility operation of AHU like thermistor, variable frequency drive (VFD), disconnect switch and others at specially customer's requirement
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers

Fan assemblies are easy to service provided with -
  • The adjustable motor bases allow for proper tensioning of the belts at all times.
  • Smooth operation with proper alignment
  • Easley maintenance
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida

The fan in a AHU can create substantial vibration that will transform to panels / casing and consequent widespread generation of sound waves. To avoid this, the spring or rubber isolator is mounted between the fan compartment and the rest of the AHU to prevent the transmission of noise and vibration into panels. There are two types of isolators are used:

Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida
Spring Isolator
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida
Rubber Pad Isolator

A thermistor is a type of resistor used to measure temperature changes in protection of windings in electric motors.

A VFD provides adjustable speed control of a single fan motor. Normally, an AHU which has been installed by VFD can vary the frequency within 30 to 60 Hz in order to control the motor rotation speed. It also provides protection for the motor operation. And microprocessor wire remote controls the indoor temperature with ahu motor and outdoor condensing unit electric control panel.

Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida
VFD Control Panel
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida
Control Panel without VFD

There are a few humidifiers are used commercially in AHU. We install electrode steam humidifier, which is categorized as BFDT series, the second generation, high precision, intellectualized electrode humidifier. It requires an empty section to be installed. It is a device which is used to increase the air relative humidity in atmosphere without steam source. It is a constant temperature humidifier. Its principle is the common electrode humidifier regulates the generated steam by the way of controlling water level and electrical current. Electrical loop will be built up through salt minerals in the water. Therefore, water will be heated up and boiled until vapor is generated continuously. Quality of water in the region must be considered because it reduces the steam capacity. (Softened water cannot be used)

It is used to achieve desired room condition at certain desired relative humidity. With negligible air pressure drop, accurate controllability, light weight, easy serviceability and inherent freeze protection, electrical heater is valuable alternatives to conventional steam and hot water heating coils.

Electrical heaters are optional with either single step or multi step of heating process. It depends much on the heating capacity. Heaters are available in 240V and the installation is completed with the contactor without any thyristor control. It may require an empty section to install in the air handling unit.
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida
Electrical Heater

Hot water/steam coil is designed in the copper tube/SS material according to indoor temperature required. This type heating coil design depends on inlet water temperature and header material will be in MS/SS tube.
Air Handling Unit Manufacturers in Noida
Heating Coil

It plays a major role in maintaining good indoor air quality by filtration. There are a wide range of filter options which are provided by AAF International. Airmake AHU has been designed to handle primary and secondary filtration.