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About Us

AMCS Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd., Offering a wide range of Air Washer, Axial Flow Fans, Centrifugal Blower, Cellulose pads, Pre Filters, Air Grille & VCD.

Consistency and superior quality products have resulted in great success for our firm. Efficient professionals and engineers work to bring quality in our wide range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipments and components.

Quality focused approaches, supported by well regulated processes have enabled us to make a mark as a competent and reliable business entity. Competitive rates and timely delivery of the products are some of our other hallmarks that add to our edge over others.
Product Range
AMCS Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of the following products:
  •  Axial Flow Fan
  •  Kitchen Exhaust Blower
  •  Centrifugal Blower
  •  Man Coolers
  •  Cellulose Pad (Evaporative Cooling Pad)
  •  Pre-Filters (For Air Washer & AHU)
  •  Secondary Filters (Fine & Hepa)
  •  Ducting
  •  Linear Bar Air Grilles
  •  Double Deflection Air Grilles
  •  Grill Damper (MS And Aluminium)
  •  Volume Control Damper
  •  Fire Dampers
  •  Louvers
  •  Diffusers
  •  Bifurcated Axial Flow Fans
  •  Belt Drive Axial Flow Fans
  •  Air Washers (Evaporative Cooling Machine)
  •  Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  •  Fan Coil Unit (Hydraulic unit)
  •  Ventilation & Exhaust Units
  •  Air Scrubber
  •  Industrial Duct Air Cooler
  •  Green House Evaporating Cooling System
  •  Air Shower
Services Offered
Quality is our foremost concern, and each product manufactured by us is a refection in itself of our primary objective for total quality maintenance. Each stage of the manufacturing process is avidly monitored to weed out all defects in the products. At AMCS Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd. Equipment views are regularly incorporated into the product making.

We aim to meet the quality requirements of our customers by following an effective quality maintenance program. Our products are tested for smooth operational functionality, abrasion resistance, durability, etc. so that we deliver products which are truly world class.
Research and Development
We have taken the utmost care to build up a complete R & D unit with modern facilities in an aim to bring smart products with wealth of innovative features. Technology is an important process of our activities and we enthusiastically develop our product range to bring new products or recreate old products in a fresh avatar. Keeping industry trends and client requirements in mind, we seek to continually innovate in a quest for greater customer satisfactions.
Key Advantages