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Green House Evaporating Cooling System

Frame Cooling Pad
Frame Cooling Pad is designed by using superior quality material and extensively used in different greenhouses for cooling applications. These pads ensure long lasting effectiveness, fast speed of pervasion and excellent water absorption capacity. It is made as per international industrial standard and follow the moisture evaporation mechanism.

In this Frame Cooling Pad , moisture is evaporated which further lowers the temperature automatically. Further, this also produces various negative oxygen ions which effectively increase the amount of oxygen in the air. Besides, these have specific stereoscopic structure, which offer the maximum evaporative surface area for heating exchanging between water and air. These are exclusively designed for comfort cooling of crops.

Following are the major features of this range:
Ventilation Exhaust Fan:
Product's Advantages:
Product's Applications:
Ventilating fan is useful for the following areas:
More Details of the Product:
Description/ModelAMCS-VF-900 AMCS-VF-900AMCS-VF-900 AMCS-VF-900AMCS-VF-900
Blade Dia.900 mm 1000 mm1100 mm1250 mm1400 mm
Power0.55 KW 0.75 KW0.75 KW1.1 KW1.1 KW
Voltage3 Phase 380V/50 Hz3 Phase 380V/50 Hz 3 Phase 380V/50 Hz3 Phase 380V/50 Hz3 Phase 380V/50 Hz
Air Flow30000 CMH 35000 CMH40000 CMH 44000 CMH55800 CMH
Blade RPM610 600 460 439 325
Motor RPM1400 14001400 14001400
Blade MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Motor Type4P/Class F4P/Class F4P/Class F 4P/Class F4P/Class F
Dimension1000X1000 X400 1100X1100 X400 1220X1220 X400 1380X1380 X400 1530X1530 X400
Frame MaterialGalvanized GalvanizedGalvanized GalvanizedGalvanized
Shutter MaterialGalvanized GalvanizedGalvanized GalvanizedGalvanized
Protective netGalvanized GalvanizedGalvanized GalvanizedGalvanized