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Air Washers (Evaporative Cooling Machine)

AMCS Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd. manufactures state of the art, highly reliable, low maintenance, energy conserving Air Washer/ Air Cooling System in various capacities. The new, innovative designs guarantee predictable performance, long life expectancy and near zero maintenance. These units are available from 3000 CFM to 100000 CFM, plus and can be designed to accommodate optional accessories such as louvers, dampers, eliminators etc.

The Air washers are especially suitable for cleaning extracted air, which has a high affinity to water and must be separated due to the demands of environmental protection. Primarily this air washer is used for cleaning extracted air containing pure chromium, and enables the return of the primarily separated aerosoles back to the process. A further field of application for this air washer is the increase in the usage duration of the collecting main liquid, due to the primary separation of the impurities.
The air washer´s mist separator is constructed equipped with a quick locking mechanism. The continuously fed double spray nozzles are positioned on lances, which are flanged onto the casing. This makes maintenance or an inspection in the shortest time possible. The removal direction of the mist separator units, depending on the air direction being left, right or upwards is adapted to the local conditions accordingly.
Air washers work on the mass transfer. The aerosols found in the air are separated in a mist separator unit before the contact area. The primarily separated liquid can either be put back into the process or straight into the sewage system. The double spray nozzle in the contact area is fed continuously. The impurities found in the air are transferred due to the high affinity to water onto the sprayed washing liquid. Subsequently the aerosols, carried by the air stream are dispersed into the mist separator partitions. Due to the curvature of the profiles the moisture drops are driven along the innerface down into the catch pockets. In addition there are sharp edged ridges on the lamellae profiles to conduct away the remaining liquid. As an option the mist separator unit can be equipped with a coagulator. The coagulator is positioned between the mist separator units so that the smallest drops are enlarged and then separated into the second mist separator.
We manufacture air wiser which are highly qualitative in nature and deliver a highly rated performance. Following are some of the features of this product making us a preferred name in the market:
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